Karla Johanna Schaeffer Stresscoach für weibliche Führungskräfte

Only weak people experience anxiety? Bullshit!

Very successful and performance-oriented people in particular often experience panic attacks and/or burnout symptoms that put us in a constant state of physical alarm. And this is often due to the pressure we put on ourselves and the fear of not living up to our own expectations or those of our environment.

Have you tried to get rid of the physical and mental high tension or the physical feeling of weakness and fatigue by attempts to speak and reflect intellectually about it and meanwhile you struggle because your body keeps overreacting, you don't feel better and you keep functioning above your limit? Or a difficult experience or deep-seated belief limits you, you can't let of it and it keeps you in constant uncertainty and a feeling of insecurity?

I want to offer you a different approach: to process this overstimulation of stress and anxiety through the body . With TRE® (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises) your body gets you out of this condition of overwhelm and you can calm yourself down within just a few minutes.

When it seems chaotic and unpredictable 'out there', we need a solid feeling of inner safety by connecting back to our bodies!

Anyone can experience panic attacks and/or inner distress. And everyone can get rid of them and him.
I will work with you over a time period of five weeks. During these weeks you will learn how to better understand the language and signals of your body and know where to start in order to calm it down. Even after a long time of searching and trying out therapies and methods, the mental and physical tension can now be discharged through the body.
In this way you can physically release tension, insecurity and feelings of fear.

The simplicity of the method and the immediate experience of relaxation makes the bodywork so valuable. It allows you to easily get out of tesnion and restlessness, because you do not have to follow complicated or nerve-racking techniques that cost a lot of time, enetgy and concentration.

You can calm your thoughts, get out of worry scenarios and strengthen your mental health. Afterwards, you may find that everyday situations and relationship difficulties will no longer affect you in such a strong way.

During this time we will also ensure that you will benefit from the new sense of well-being in the future and without further costs. You will then have tools and a system that you can use anywhere, with which you will find peace and which will be available to you for a lifetime. I want to help you regulate your stress level without dependency, so you will be able to keep yourself in a stable and balanced state.

Coaching 1:1 

As a certified TRE® provider I will work with you over a time period of 5 weeks, so you will learn to transform stress and anxiety and overwhelm into control and resiliency.

I am looking forward to help you online via ZOOM (internationally).

You will learn methods over these 5 weeks to lower your physical state of alarm, reduce stress and manage anxiety in a supportive way, without much effort and with immediate effectiveness. You will then have tools and a system that you can use from anywhere, that you can use to calm yourself down, and that will last you a lifetime.

Together we will create a safe place where you can release what is pulling you down and that which you have experienced. Connection and personality are the hallmarks of my work.

The 5 weeks includes a starter package (by post mail), our weekly sessions on Zoom, audio guidance for your own implementation and practice and a study booklet with my tips, explanations and reassurances for beginning and continuing to develop the process. 

How do we work together?

In a free initial consultation we get to know each other and we talk about what you bring to the sessions and what you want to leave without. Maybe you will already feel a little lighter after our conversation.