Karla Johanna Schaeffer Stresscoach für Frauen in Führungspositionen

What if you could be ambitious and successful at work and at the same time be calm, clear, relaxed and fully grounded? Of course you can! 

Instead, you may be experiencing a racing heart, restlessness, nervousness, even anxiety? Maybe a nervous twitching in your eye or it is incredibly difficult for you to 'come down' in the evenings? Maybe it's because you've been relying on your willpower so far when it comes to dealing with stress symptoms, overwhelm and insecurity.
(But: ... willpower alone is not enough here!) Maybe it's the mental and physical exhaustion of keeping the 'show' running as a leader, which leaves you with no energy for yourself and your body. Maybe the feeling of stress is still stored in your mind as emotional, not to be taken seriously, as larmoyant?

And yet, what you experience is real!

My name is Karla Johanna Schaeffer, I studied fashion design and have worked in the competitive fashion industry for 10 years, most recently as an executive and Head of Design, for a large fashion company. I loved my job and worked my way up from the bottom to pretty much the top within those 10 years. I've lived in the most amazing cities, New York City, London, Milan and Copenhagen, and have now arrived in Cologne, where I've been running my coaching business as a stress coach for women in leadership positions, since 2019. (On the side I'm passionately doing a university degree in theology).
A few years ago I got to know the bodywork TRE®, which fascinated me and from which I could benefit a lot with my own stress symptoms and insecurities. The interest and motivation for fashion subsided, I completed the training to become a TRE® provider and now use this wonderful tool in my coaching practice.

I love coaching ambitious women who are open to non-traditional wellness strategies.

You are my kind of person! You're smart, ambitious, have a desire to grow, lead, experience and give it your all. You are a critical thinker who wants to know the why and not just the how. You always wanted your seat at the table, you got it and now it's time for me to help you learn how to take good care of yourself, where everything else seems settled. 

As your stress coach, I don't spend our time together just agreeing with you or telling you exactly what to do from now on. Nor do I give psychological advice. What I do is create a safe space for you to unpack all the baggage that has manifested as stress in your body, and teach you a method to release it all. We work through the tension, the potential insecurity, and your anxiety piece by piece. Believe it or not, releasing the stress and the uncomfortable feelings happens quite effortlessly as we show the body how to free itself with this innovative bodywork.

That is why this is such a special and effective work.

It's tailored to you and your particular situation so that you can permanently release your tension and stress. And I understand very well what it's like to be a woman in leadership - with the demands, the sleeping problems, the overwhelm (and in my case it was panic attacks at the time), the expectations of others and those of myself, all of it!

So where do we start?

If you are a woman in a leadership position, this resonates and you feel seen, and are ready to stock up your portfolio of resources in order to move forward stressfree, with more serenity, inner security and presence, I invite you to have a consultation with me.