with Karla Johanna Schaeffer, Dipl.

Helping you bridge the gap between survival mode and permanent stress relief.

Helping you bridge the gap between survival mode and permanent stress relief.

Karla Johanna Schaeffer Stresscoach für Führungskräfte

Hi!  I am  Johanna.

As a stress coach, I would like to show you how you can free yourself and your body from tension, stress and anxiety.  

We first experience overwhelming and/or traumatic experiences with our body, where it manifests and in many cases puts us on constant alert.

TRE® is the physical approach to reduce symptoms like panic attacks and burnout and enables us in many cases to get rid of them permanently.

Qualified guidance in learning the method is essential to avoid overwhelming the nervous system and to practice the correct 'dosage'.


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Calm is your Superpower Podcast
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The podcast with weekly tips, tools and methods to help you deal with and overcome anxiety and stress.

Simple. Self-effective. With ♥️.

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You don't have to become a Zen Master. You just need to find a way to get out of your physical overwhelm and survival mode in order to stay healthy.

My work (and this website) is dedicated to sharing approaches, tools, and strategies to manage anxiety, to overcome trauma and to help you to physically an emotionally manage inner turmoil, anxiety, and panic reactions, in order to feel safe, good, and comfortable in your own skin. 

Everyone experiences stress in one way or another, is exposed to demanding situations, energy-sapping periods and traumatic experiences in life. Stress and anxiety can be any experience that exceeds our normal coping mechanisms. The way we live our lives today - constantly rushing, competing and being under stress - keeps our bodies, specifically the psoas muscle, on guard and in a constant 'fight or flight' state .

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release Exercise) helps you release physical and mental tension and to find your way back to inner safety and self-efficacy by engaging and working with your body.

TRE® has a neurological rather than psychological background because it is your body that does the work, releasing tension and working for you.

Time and time again, in my work with clients, I find that body therapy has been the missing piece of the puzzle to better process anxiety and chronic stress. 

My Coaching takes place online via ZOOM.


This is how we can work together:

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Great things happen, when you start investing in yourself

and taking responsibility for yourself:

Other areas in your life improve along with you.


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